News : Asustor ADM 2.4.0.RFU1 est publié !

Ca y est , comme je l’annonçais il y a quelques jours , Asustor ADM2.4 en version définitive est disponible !!! Examinons les dernière nouveautés données dans le Changelog d’Asustor

Asustor ADM2.4

ADM 2.4.0.RFU1


Installation Notes
  • This is the software for AS-6xx series. No matter if you decide to upgrade ADM or not, it is still recommended that you should back up all data on your NAS.
What’s New?
  • Supports SSD Trim command
  • Supports SNMP
  • Enhanced ADM Defender and supports Geo IP
  • Improved share folder encryption mechanism
  • Supports video preview in ADM File Explorer
  • Supports the Magyar (Hungarian) language
  • Added iSCSI protocol in connection log and file access log
  • Increased virtual host number from 8 to 32
Change Log
  • Fixed “system hanged during huge size file replication after initialization” issue
  • Fixed “LCM shows random codes for local temperature when system fails to get weather information” issue
  • Fixed “mounted long file name ISO folder cannot be accessed via SAMBA” issue
  • Fixed “system configuration manual import/export” issue on AS-6/70 series
  • Fixed “using copy-skip option skips all files in the subfolder with duplicate name” issue
  • Fixed “thumb.db automatically appears in a folder which contains picture or video files” issue
  • Fixed “the key code of ASUSTOR remote conflicts with some other remote controllers” issue
  • Fixed “connection log interrupts SAMBA connections” issue
  • Fixed “the IP will be blocked if it exists on white list and trusted list simultaneously” issue
  • Fixed “scheduled bad block scan task incorrectly displayed” issue
  • Fixed “AS7012R slot 10 flash frequency is slower than other slots” issue
  • Updated Linux tools set to enable tunnel and rule options for ip command
Known Limitations / Issues



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Que les possesseurs d’Asustor n’hésitent pas à nous faire leur retour d’expérience ! Le téléchargement est disponible suivant les modèles dans la rubrique téléchargement d’Asustor ou en mise à jour automatique sur l’appareil lui même


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  1. Sur ce coup là record mondial de news battu Hahaha.